Mindfulness in coaching – the path of an authentic development

Inner balance, resilience and the very mental state of the helping professional are essential prerequisites for a job well done. During the workshop, we will discuss what mindfulness is and its impact on work, and what practices support its development. We will try out the basic exercise of developing mindfulness of the body together. This exercise directly develops stability of mind, grounding

  • What is mindfulness
  • How does it relate to professional standards
  • Other benefits of mindfulness in helping professions
  • Mindfulness practically – short practice of mindfulness of body in the context of basic skills used in helping professions

Mgr. Peter Barica, PCC

Peter is a professional coach (PCC, ICF) and trainer. He works with solution-focused, systemic and narrative approaches (like Empiric Coaching Model), yet his roots and base are eastern philosophy and psychology (Unity in Duality training, 2000+ hours). Peter also provides workshops for the deep development of helping professionals based on mindfulness and modern science.