The Sailboat Metaphor-A Positive Psychology Tool for Personal Development

Aim: Engaging team members with different strengths to build a high-performing team, by using the Sailboat Metaphor in team coaching


  • Aligning team member sailboats towards a meaningful direction
  • Fixing leaks and adjusting sails to the winds
  • Reaching the destination
  • Brief presentation of the tool developed by Hugo Alberts 
  • The 5 Whys of using the tool in team coaching
  • Goal-Reality-Options-Will “on a sailboat”
  • Application with workshop participants

Sotirios Karagiannis

Director of Graduate Programs University of New York in Prague. Strategy-Analysis-Evaluation lecturer University of Strathclyde. EMCC Senior Practitioner and EQA Assessor. 30 years in training and coaching. Certified trainer of Drive Workshop by Daniel Pink. Former Director of Dale Carnegie Training, Greece