Gavin Flook


Executive and Systemic Team Coach, serving clients based on extensive experience as a cross-border leader working with eminent clients and diverse teams. Specialised in coaching leaders in transition as an Executive Coach. Proving systemic team coaching to multinational, hybrid/online teams with co-coaches from CollectiveWorksCoaching. Retired after 30 years with Deloitte, including 9 years on the regional Executive in a variety of roles. Serving various non-profit organisations, including Rotary International and Volunteers for Ukraine.  

Vzdělání a kvalifikace

Trained as a Coach and Systemic Team Coach by the Academy of Executive Coaching, WBECS, Complete Coherence and Global Team Coaching Institute. Also, Fellow Chartered Accountant, of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. Degree in Politics, Philosophy & Economics, Oxford University.

Profesní zkušenosti

32 years with Deloitte, living and working in the UK, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland and back in Czech Republic. Serving large, complex, multinational companies across borders as auditor and advisor. Various leadership roles, serving 10 years on regional Executive Committee. Retired in 2020 to establish GavinFlookCoaching and give back to the business community, society, family and self.